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 Online Language Arts Resources for Families

We know there are a lot of language arts resources online, and wading through them can be time-consuming and frustrating. We’ve compiled some of our favorite sites below. All offer at least some free content; some offer a mix of free and paid content; others have a free trial period with an option to subscribe. Please email if you discover any inactive or broken links.  

for Reading with Your Child (video 2:28) 

Online story books with digital read aloud  

(1 month free trial)
Whether you choose “Watch the Story” or “Read the book” be sure to click on “Read along” so your child can see the text.  After reading, choose activities from Puzzlers for further engagement. 

Online printable books 

(2 week free trial)
for struggling or emergent readers

Online books/E-books 

(free, but requires a valid public library card)
(free, but requires a valid public library card)
(free for 30 days)

Other Language Arts Resources

Two weeks of online reading and activities for grades PreK/K, 1-2, 3-5, 6-9. 

What to do when school is cancelled for: 

Comprehensive website with ideas for teaching elementary language arts. Lots of free printables.
Comprehensive website with grade-specific tips, games, activities and printables. 
printable phonics workbooks
Phonics and reading games. Tip: Select your child’s learning level rather than their actual grade level. Start by having them try a lesson one level below their school grade level, then one at their grade level, then one above. This should give you an idea of where your child should be working. 
Language Arts page offers ebooks, games, and phonics activities for grades 1-6. Skip the Activities Bundle at the top and choose from one of the other categories. There is a lot of content here, so explore this a little at a time.

Capstone Interactive from PebbleGo

Signing up takes a few steps, but the content is worth it! 

1. Go to PebbleGo. (Free access during COVID-19 school closures).

2. Under “Educator Resources” click on “Get Free Access.”

3. Complete the registration with “Home” as the name of your school.

Once you receive your username and password via email, go to Capstone Interactive Library. 

An easy-to-use, FREE online library of children’s books. It requires no purchase, no subscription, and no library card. Books can be read from the website, downloaded and saved as an E-book, or saved as a .pdf and printed out. There are four reading levels, plus a Read Aloud section.

Other Resources

While many of you have primarily worked with us on reading, we also run some pretty great sports programs.  While sports are canceled, we’re posting some exercise videos to keep you ready for your next season. Check them out here: @escdetroit on Instagram.

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