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Plan to Protect

The following policies and procedure systems are in place to ensure that all Soar Detroit volunteers and participants are cared for and protected.

Volunteer Application: All volunteer candidates are asked to complete an application.  All adult (age 18 and older) candidates also give us permission and the information necessary to conduct a criminal background check.

Background Screening: All coaches and mentors are screened for any crimes against youth or women or other offenses that would disqualify them from serving children.  We use independent agencies for all screening. Mentors in DPSCD will also be required to get a DPSCD background check.

Training: Coaches and mentors are required to attend training sessions which outline Soar Detroit policies, procedures, best practices and acceptable behaviors.

Proximity Protection: No child is ever to be alone with Soar Detroit staff or volunteers.  This policy ensures the safety of both the child and the volunteer.

Parents/guardians are asked to be in attendance for all practices and games.  Mentoring is always done with multiple mentors and mentees in the room.  Testing is also done in a setting where others are present and never in a room alone with the child with the door closed.

Coaches and mentors are not permitted to be in the home, serve as transportation solutions, or take the children out unaccompanied by the parents/guardians. 

Bathroom Policy: Parents/guardians are asked to be present at all sporting events, and they are also asked to accompany their own child to the restroom.  Parents/guardians are told at parent meetings, as well as on the field, never to allow their child to go to the restroom by themselves.  Soar Detroit mentors are to walk the student to the bathroom, wait outside for the student, and then return to the session together.   Soar Detroit volunteers or staff are never permitted to assist a child in the restroom.   


Communication: These policies and procedures are communicated at all parent meetings, mentor training and coaches training, as well as regularly communicated during the season.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluating: The staff will continue to observe and evaluate the effectiveness of all volunteers, be watchful for any behaviors deemed inappropriate, and take all actions necessary to ensure the safety of Soar Detroit participants.

Medical: First aid kits are available at all Soar Detroit events. All parents/guardians sign a medical waiver that allows the staff to seek medical treatment for their child if a parent is not available.  Parents/guardians are asked to always be in attendance but on the occasion that a parent is not available the staff person in charge will make all necessary assessments of need and take appropriate action.

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