Operations Manager at Soar Detroit


Soar Detroit seeks to hire an Operations Manager who will run the operations of the ministry, including database, communications, and administrative responsibilities. This person will work with staff, volunteers, and families to see that the whole operation is executed smoothly and effectively.

Reporting Relationship: This position reports to the CEO, Matt Mancinelli

Employment status: Full time, salaried with benefits

Work schedule: 40+ hours per week, including occasional weekends and evenings.

Revised date: September 27th, 2017


Eagle Sports Club (now called Soar Detroit) was founded in 1999 to serve families on the East Side of Detroit by building relationships through sports. Today we serve about 1500 participants each year in six leagues for kids age 4-14: indoor, spring, and fall soccer, spring and fall flag football, and summer baseball. The fruit of the ministry has been incredible:

      - A city park that was run down and dangerous has been restored, including the addition of a 1.6 million-dollar

        championship baseball field.

      - Relational bridges have been built as urban and suburban families have played, cheered, and coached together, side

        by side.

      - Kids and parents have been encouraged and mentored, and many have become Christians, gotten baptized, and

        joined churches.

In 2005 we began a literacy tutoring ministry called Soar, which since then has reached nearly 1000 kids, who on average improve more than two grade levels each year in just two days per week of after school tutoring. There is great momentum among the Church in Detroit today to scale this literacy program, with the goal of serving 2000 students each year, and working towards reversing the current literacy statistics, which show that only 14% of Detroit third graders are reading at or above their grade level. We are building a world-class team that can be a force for serving Detroit in the coming decades, as the Church, together, addresses the literacy crisis we face.


  • Manages our database (Salesforce), oversees data entry into that system, and prepares outputs from that system (donor receipts, reports, etc.).

  • Works with our finance team in California to handle local finance logistics including deposits and check requests (no finance/accounting knowledge required).

  • Sends mailings and mass emails to various constituent groups.

  • Assists Soar Detroit leadership with special projects and administratively

  • Works with vendors to order products, print materials, and engage services.

  • Manages offices and serves as liaison with our office space provider, Grace Community Church.

  • Greets visitors and responds to phone calls and general organizational emails, providing friendly, professional, and timely responses.

Qualities Required

Passionate about Soar Detroit Mission

This person is passionate about the vision and mission of Soar Detroit and embodies the values of the ministry. He or she has a desire to dramatically improve literacy in Detroit, and to share the Gospel with youth in the city of Detroit.

Proactive Service Orientation

This person has a posture of serving others, helping families who participate in our programs, and volunteers as they serve our families, serving all with grace and patience.

Savvy with Technology

This person is skilled using technology and learns new platforms quickly. He or she is natural at discovering solutions for tech-related issues, including hardware and software products.


Detail and Operationally Oriented

This person has strong organizational skills that are reflected in the ability to manage a variety of processes simultaneously and pay attention to detail in the process.


Natural at following through

This person is a consistent worker who independently sees projects through to their completion.


Commitment to excellence

This person values excellence in products, processes, and organizations, consistently striving to make things better.

If interested, please submit your resume to Matt Mancinelli, matt@soardetroit.com